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Install WAD files on your WiiU
This guide will teach you the step-by-step procedure for installing a wad file onto your WiiU. You will learn how to copy Nintendo Wii WADs to another console.

A wad file is a file which becomes a channel after getting installed but it can also become a patch or a different type of file like a cIOS wad file. If you have accidentally deleted some of the channels you bought then it is useful for you to know how to install a wad file in your WiiU.

hdd upgrade

For an instance, when I saw my brother updating my WiiU, I jerked the power cables out of the wall which resulted in the complete loss of data from my WiiU. By this time you must be thinking that after learning how to do this, you just have to find a website which distributes wad files and install them. But this is not the case. Considering the laws made for dealing with downloaded pirated content, do this at your own risk! If you get caught while doing this or get a banner brick, it will not be my fault. But if you do exactly what I am saying that is, download wad files only for your region WiiU then none of the above things will happen. You can also skip to the last step in case you are still worried which will help you install an application called starfall by which you can boot the twilight hack and the bad wad can be removed.

Materials required / To install a wad file, you need:

  • A SD card
  • A SD card reader for the PC
  • A Homebrew capable WiiU
  • WAD Manager (you must have knowledge about how to run it.)

Preparing the SD memory card for WiiU SoftMod

First, format your sd card before properly preparing it. Then you need to make two folders – one called ‘apps’ and the other one as ‘wad’. By looking at these pictures, I think you are able to get an idea of what I am telling you. I am unable to give notes to these images as the note function is not working right now in my computer. The first image represents the root folder of sd card and the second one represents the apps folder. You must have done homebrew before to have the same content in apps folder as in my folder otherwise you will only have wad manager 1.3 in your apps folder (highlighted by the mouse). Third image represents the wad folder. I chose my wad as the legend of Zelda ocarina of time master quest because this wad is not made by Nintendo which means this won’t be a case of piracy for them. Also remember that while downloading the wad manager, the wad manager folder is copied to your apps folder and the dol file in your wad manager folder is renamed as boot.dol. The link for the masterquest wad is given here: VC_ZeldaOoTMasterQuest2LangNTSC_Inject.wad

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On the Nintendo WiiU

Take the SD card and put it in the sd card slot in the WiiU. Then, launch the homebrew by choosing your preferred method. Now, you have to launch the wad manager and keep pressing ‘a’ until it asks you to choose a wad file. To install, press ‘+’ and to uninstall, press ‘-’. Never remove the wad file before checking that it is working fine because if you get a banner brick you need to uninstall it and make your WiiU back to normal. After the installation is complete, just press the restart button and now you will have a brand new channel on your WiiU! I have uploaded one screenshot too.

To summarize, first load the wad manager and then press ‘a’ to continue and select the front sd card slot as your source. Then, install the wad by pressing ‘+’. After you are done just press the home button to restart your WiiU and your installation is complete.

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